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Explore our comprehensive guide to 'Doing Business in India' for invaluable insights into the intricacies involved in establishing and operating a thriving business within the country. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of all pertinent laws, regulations, and frameworks, ensuring you are well-equipped to navigate the Indian business landscape successfully.

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Explore our comprehensive guide on Data Privacy, delving into crucial aspects such as the Right to Privacy in India, regulations and enforcement pertaining to personally sensitive and financially sensitive information, and a comparative analysis of Indian data privacy regulations in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

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Our piece on Secured Lending in India!
Our Partners Anuroop Omkar and Kritika Krishnamurthy took the time to share their expertise on secured financing in India, the related know-how and the future of secured lending in India.
Click on the link now to understand the in and out of secured financing in India in one place. 

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This guide delves into significant topics including financial regulators, financial institutions, alternative investment funds, insurance business, as well as insights on IFSCA (International Financial Services Centre Authority) and ITFS (International Tax and Financial Services). Immerse yourself in this invaluable resource to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial sector in India.

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Delve into the intricacies of Arbitration laws in India with our comprehensive guide. This invaluable resource offers in-depth information on key topics, including essential legislation, the process of resorting to court, distinctions between domestic and arbitration proceedings, arbitral awards, and insights into international commercial arbitration. 

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RBI has expressly acknowledged the pivotal role of the FinTech sector in contributing to the economic landscape and underscored the need for a judicious equilibrium between encouraging innovation and ensuring regulatory compliance to safeguard consumer’s interest. With this foundational understanding, RBI has delineated the distinctive features of FinTech Self-Regulatory Organizations (“SRO-FT”) within the Draft Framework, elucidating their functions, governance standards, and associated parameters.

Go through our presentation on 'Opportunities for Real Estate Fund in India' to understand the real, on ground situation of real estate sector in India, real estate funds in India and what does the future of real estate sector looks like for India. 

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